Let’s Do An Initial Ranking of the Summer 2013 Shows Shall We?

Title is self-explanatory. I gave up the monthly summary thing, but I still want to talk about some of the Summer shows I’ve seen. Since there’s too many of them, I’m just going to talk about the ones I bothered to watch more than two episodes of. Anime are ranked from worst to best.


18) Dog and Scissors

Whilst I could forgive the first episode for just being not my thing, the second episode was just total shit. Seriously, how did this thing win an award? Gonzo being extremely cheap with the show hasn’t helped, I’ll admit, but no amount of good directing can save the fact that whoever wrote that second episode should be shot out of a cannon and crash into the Great Wall of China.

17) Gifuu Doudou!!

So dull and unmemorable that I have nothing to say here.

16) Futari wa Milky Holmes

JC Staff has officially become dead to me with this show. From the godawful Railgun to the badly produced Little Busters to the “trying too hard” Sakurasou, it’s like they’re trying to make me hate them with a passion. Honestly, I’d rather watch any of those then watch this crap. Still debating whether it’s worse than Arcana Famiglia though. Probably not.

15) Danganronpa

If Seiji Kishi screws up Aura, I’m officially labelling him as one of the worst directors of our time.

14) A Town Where You Ra…I Mean Live

Whilst it hasn’t gotten to the bad parts yet and I honestly think the time jumps aren’t as bad as people claim, Kimi no Iru Machi is a very cheaply made show, only saved from not being as cheap as Dog and Scissors because the director knows where to point the camera. Otherwise, you have creepy close-ups that are out of place in the story, terrible voice-acting, badly drawn art, and a story edging towards a trainwreck that I don’t have the patience to stick around for.

13) Monogatari Season 2

I’m pretty sure that the reason I don’t like this series is because I don’t get it, to the point I need to have others explain it to me. But if others can explain the show better than the show itself, then why would I bother wasting twenty-two minutes of my life watching it when I can spend those minutes trying to watch Mouryou no Hako again?

12) Stella Whatever C3-bu

The reason I don’t like C3-bu is because there’s not enough life being thrust into its ridiculous premise, which is part of the reason why I had a hard time getting into The Book of Bantorra. Animation-wise, this thing is pretty bad, plus the characters are as lifeless as the ones in Panzer. Despite what I’ve heard some people say, animation and production values do matter in order to make a show interesting, and C3-bu is so lifeless that even shifting your gears towards a more mindfuck tone isn’t going to interest me.

11) Silver Spoon

This is not a very well-directed show. The setting and story seems like it has potential, but the art direction is so bland that it sucks the life out of the entire thing. Also, the main character is just way too forced for my liking to the point that he resembles the main in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. I think I’ll be better off reading the manga instead.

10) Gatchaman Crowds

Inconsistent animation and irritating characters dancing around and doing practically nothing whilst poor attempts at conveying themes about social media are made. It’s like this anime was made for me to dislike it. Well, it succeeded.

9) Rozen Maiden (2013)

On the one hand, you don’t need to have seen the previous seasons of Rozen Maiden to enjoy this show (although you might want to skip the first episode, because the more I think about it, the more I realize how bad it was). On the other hand, three episodes of angsty adult Jun and little doll action were all I could take.

8) Ecstatic Family

I don’t have any interest in a show that has no plot and doesn’t do anything new with each episode. Wake me up when something happens.

7) Watamote

I want to like at least one Silver Link show someday, but this one isn’t it. All the humor comes off as awkward and the characters don’t have much variety to them. The final nail in the coffin was that fourth episode though. Gross, completely unfunny, and just plain stupid.

6) Free!

It’s well-animated and the humor is okay whilst the story is serviceable. That’s the problem with this show in general though. It’s just serviceable in every way. Nothing really stands out aside from the fact that it’s KyoAni doing fujoshi fanservice. Nothing more to say besides that.

5) Symphogear G

Slowly catching up with this. It’s flashy enough, but I’m having the same problem getting into this as I did AKB0048.

4) Genshiken Nidaime

This new cast isn’t exactly doing too much for me. I don’t hate them or anything, but they definitely take away the insight and fun that Genshiken once had. There’s something off when most of your enjoyment of the show comes from the old cast and pointing out which anime the show is referencing.

3) Servant x Service

The boss being a talking stuffed rabbit raised the show in my eyes. ‘Nough said.

2) Yamato 2199

Didn’t exactly start this summer but I might as well talk about it here. Out of curiosity and due to a lack of summer shows to watch, I tried getting into Yamato 2199 again and it’s somehow entertaining this time. I’m not exactly in love with it to the point that I’d rank it equal to Jojo like I know some people are, but it’s still a solid anime.

1) Teekyu 2

Still the best airing TV series this Summer and I will hear no different.

Non-TV Series Stuff)

In addition to the TV shows, I checked out a few OVAs this month as well. That Gonzo Young Animator Training Project thing, Ryo, finally got subbed and after watching it, I finally understood why it took so long: it was so goddamn dull that I was glad the video file took pity on me and crashed before I could get to the unfinished ending people told me happened. Also saw Rescue Me!, which was pretty much a hentai without the sex; thus there was no reason to enjoy the goddamn thing. The best of the lot though was that Anime Bancho ONA, Turning Girls. A lot of people are sad that it ended, but I’m happy that it didn’t overstay its welcome like so many other anime these days. You guys should check it out. It’s only 30 minutes long combined and tackles dark social issues whilst making me laugh way more than Watamote.

Edit: Forgot that I watched Kick-Heart. It was pretty awesome and it would have kicked my heart right out of my body if I wasn’t such a heartless bastard.

6 responses to “Let’s Do An Initial Ranking of the Summer 2013 Shows Shall We?

  1. You’re the only other person I’ve found who said that the second ep of Dog and Scissors was embarrassingly bad. I haven’t been looking for opinions, mind you. It’s a badly produced show that has a terrible script to boot.. why give it any mindshare?

    I’m also glad at least somebody out there is enjoying Yamato and saying so, not to mention even mentioning Teekyu. Now I’m going to have to figure out this Kick-Heart thing sometime. I feel so out of the loop..

  2. For me:

    1 Genshiken S3 – despite focusing on the trap it’s good times
    2 Eccentric Family – not really plot heavy but the animation makes it fun
    3 Kiniro Mosaic – “teacher, your accent sounds funny”
    4 Monogatari S2 – still entertaining whenever it doesn’t go full fanservice
    5 Silver Spoon – OK but it’s not like I belived mlik is made in a fabric
    6 Watamote – Gets more mediocore with every episode
    7 Sunday Without God – Mainly carried by it’s art
    8 Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya – Good enough
    9 Blood Lad – Rather generic and the art is weird/potentional drop
    10 Servant x Service – The addition of the bunny is terrible and always the same jokes
    11 Danganronpa – Art is shit and the people arn’t really smart
    12 Senyu S2 – It’s short whatever
    13 Teekyu S2 – It’s short but not really funny
    > Chronicles of the Going Home Club + Dog & Scissors dropped

    Thinking about picking up c3bu.

    What the fuck is up with Teekyu being your #1? It is just nothing and worse than Senyu…

    • Well what the fuck is up with Monogatari S2 being so high when it’s absolute garage huh? Oh I kid, I kid.

      Teekyu is well-animated and had a joke where a girl ate a paddle. Enough said.

      • yeah but you’re waiting all week for two minutes of animation (which imho isn’t well animted) where half of it is blocked from advertisement :I…

    • Well I illegally download my anime, so I don’t have to worry about commercials.

      Also, Teekyu is probably one of the best animated shows airing right now (Silver Spoon has bad art direction, Eccentric Family is cheap until it goes into a set piece, Watamote is gimmick-driven, and Monogatari is Shinbo refusing to spend his money) and accomplishes more in two minutes than most anime episodes do in twenty-two.