Anime Impressions: Kimi no Iru Machi (A Town Where You Live)

This picture symbolizes the eventual downfall that I will not be watching.


Okay fine guys. I admit I didn’t go into this giving it a fair chance. Hell, when I saw that OP and how fucking fanservicey it looked, I made a vow to stay away from this thing. But unfortunately, I woke up at 6 in the morning with nothing better to do (well okay I had a lot of better things to do, like finish Bantorra, but ignore that detail okay?), so I downloaded the Doki sub of this and all I got was a reminder of why I hate Seo Kouji’s stuff.

So you have the guy who wrote Suzuka, a rage-inducing drama about a boy who meets an athletic girl and immediately falls in love with her. However, he can’t get with her because the both of them are selfish pricks that keep on saying the wrong thing at the wrong time for over 18 volumes, plus he shoves out the much better girl for Suzuka’s “woe is me” bullcrap that makes Nagisa Furukawa’s woes look like Madoka Ayukawa’s. His awesome artwork is inversely proportional to the quality of his writing and yet many fans lapped it up to the point that it got an anime. It was awful. Poorly animated, poorly written, poorly adapte…well it wasn’t that poorly adapted because it took out some of the annoying scenes, plus we didn’t get that bullshit ending the manga delivered, but it did make the thing more forgettable, so I guess it’s poorly adapted in that sense. Still, I loathed the thing to the point that I swore off anime for a month or so and I was so damaged that I never gave any other drama a fair chance again. ef-a tale of memories, Myself;Yourself, Special A…well okay the latter two are regarded as being awful anyways, but you get my point.

One day, I learned of the manga for this and thought I’d give him another chance. Did that turn out well? Hell no! And this first episode is the perfect representation of why. Boring male lead who can’t do anything on his own to the point that he makes the Silver Spoon main look educated. Girls fall for him as soon as they meet him for no real reason whatsoever. It didn’t even start at the point where fans considered the manga as good/tolerable. It started right at the point where the manga went to shit, and you wouldn’t even know what’s going on in this thing unless you read it. Now to be fair, next episode looks like it’s going to go back in time to explain all this, but the fact that they’re going to adapt that awful Tokyo arc means that either the flashback will be rushed or this thing is going to be 2-cour. Fuck that!


Still, just because the source material is shit doesn’t mean the anime has to be shit, right? It only mostly does because as I heard from some Anime Expo goers, the reason more risks aren’t being taken with sources these days is because of the demographic they’re aiming for and some other bull-dookie that basically says “we don’t think our fans are reasonable enough to accept changes unless those changes are shit”. Still, maybe the director changed Rage Town’s story so that it would be an actually touching romance. I could dream right?

Well aside from his directorial style being nice to watch making it automatically better than the Suzuka anime, no it’s not any different. Quick summary: Haruto moves into his sister’s place, gets attacked by a girl for comedic reasons, girl blushes at him because he’s the main, he meets up with Kazuma who is involved in the story for reasons that I won’t spoil but the contrivance will hurt you, more girls fall for him…ugh! Aside from the fact that it’s going to do what Berserk and Gungrave did in that it starts in the middle, works back to the beginning for the next few episodes, and then goes back to Stupid-ville, I see no real changes and nothing that indicated I’d want to watch this any further. I look forward to the reactions from people who care about this show though. It’ll be as funny as the ones to Oreimo Season 2.

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  1. Have yet to watch this.
    Must prepare my heart first.
    Oh, I have to point out that Seo Kouji tried too hard to make this Kazuma guy looks good. He even brought him up in recent chapter. Even though he’s just another shit character. How laughable.