Anime Impressions: Rozen Maiden, C3-bu, Danganronpa, and Symphogear G

Yeah, in case you noticed, I’m not adding subtitles to my impressions this time. A little too lazy in regards to doing that, although if I had to, it’d probably be something like “Who Adapts Does Matter” or something of the sort. But let’s no dally any longer, shall we?

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The first episode of this new Rozen Maiden thing pretty much recapped the first two seasons, according to what I’ve been told. Not sure how the old fans feel about that, but being that I couldn’t make it past the second episode of the first season, I welcome the idea whole-heartedly. Especially when it’s done in brand-spanking new animation rather than the cheap half-heartedness that…uh, let me look up the name…Kou Matsuo gave us…really? The guy who directed Red Garden and Kurenai gave us thi…ah! He also directed the first Yozakura Quartet and Valvrave, so he can phone it in as well. But yes, this new Rozen Maiden is directed by Shinichi Omata (the guy who directed the “fantastically directed and bad everything else” Sankarea anime), and is proof that a product can be different depending on the team.

It’s hard to say how this one will turn out based solely on a recap episode to something I never actually sat through, so I can’t say much more other than this show has got my attention thanks to this not being as shit as the original. Seriously guys, assuming that the source material was at fault for the first season (and from what I’ve been told, that’s not very likely), just because the source is shit doesn’t excuse an adaptation from being shit (unless your anime is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo that is). I’d really like to see Da Capo under this guy’s hand.

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Better yet, I’d like to see C3-bu under this guy’s hand, because maybe then it wouldn’t have sucked so much.

If I had to compare C3-bu to another anime, it wouldn’t be Upotte or Girls Und Panzer. It’d be Jormungand. And before you guys get your knickers in a bunch, remember that I think that show was absolutely horrendous. The premise itself is pretty interesting, but good lord was this first episode a huge clusterfuck of absolute blandness. It basically tried to combine three different plots at once (first day of school, a club looking for a new member, and gunplay), but the end result came off very badly. Nothing worked about this episode at all. The jokes were bad, the characters were forgettable, the dialogue was terrible, and the action fucking sucked. No tension, bland visuals, and the only thing worth remembering was that jazz soundtrack in the ending airsoft scene, and that’s only because it sounded a lot like that jazz soundtrack played during the previews for the next Angel Beats episode. Gainax tried to spice things up with some animation gimmicks and that Rambo parody thing, but it came off as awkward for all the wrong reasons and reminded me of Seiji Kishi’s attempts to do tension. I saw no promise for this show and dropped the thing ASAP.

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Speaking of Seiji Kishi, how was his failed attempts at bringing Danganronpa to the visual medium?

Well, I never actually saw the LP of this thing so I can’t say for sure how it compares. All I know is that I could not even finish the episode b/c I saw another Devil Survivor 2 in the wake. Too many scenes that required tension, but lacked it. Character archetypes that could have been interesting if effort was put into them, but there are none. Watchable if you’re looking for something as stupid and brainless as possible, but otherwise it’s not worth my time, or anyone else’s unless you’re a big fan of the game, and the game was wacky and bouncy as what I saw.

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And of course, I end this post with my impression of the stupid and brainless show of the season: Symphogear G.

Like Rozen Maiden, Symphogear had a change in director with its sequel, although how it shows I couldn’t say because I can’t even remember the first one. I kind of remember what the characters looked like and the idol battles and the bullshit epilogue and such. Otherwise, nothing. I didn’t see Symphogear get any less stupid though, so I guess those who liked the first season won’t have much to complain about I guess.

Anyways, it was pretty much a reintroduction to the cast of characters and concepts and such, as well as introducing a new villain into the fray. Great for fans of this franchise. One big giant “meeeeeehhhhhhh” for people like me who got tired of its style within the first 11 minutes of this episode, let alone two episodes of the first season. I’m sorry, but you can’t rely on that kind of stupidity for a 12-episode series and expect me to stay interested, and you definitely can’t do it for another season either. I mean I got bored of Guilty Crown a few episodes in, so what makes you think I’m going to like this? Umineko is different because I actually liked what was going on right up until fucking Ange showed up, but Symphogear has nothing beyond the pop music and fights and all to keep me awake. Sorry guys, but I think I’ll stick with Macross: Do You Remember Love? if I want my pop idol flash.

So yeah, of the four shows on this post, Rozen Maiden is the only one worth another look. Symphogear G is worth following if you’re big into its stupidity I guess. The others? Hahaha, no.

6 responses to “Anime Impressions: Rozen Maiden, C3-bu, Danganronpa, and Symphogear G

  1. 15 children being made to play a deadly “kill or be killed” game with each other?
    Harmless-looking, but deadly and callous mascot character?
    Mystery behind who’s behind the game?

    Yep, Danganronpa: The Animation is pretty much a poor man’s Bokura no.

    It amused me a bit this week and so far I think this at least will be a lot better than DeSu2, which I couldn’t even finish (mind you I’m very stubborn when it comes to completing foreign cartoons, and I like the game it’s based off of.

  2. I’ll get to Rozen Maiden after I trudge through the previous versions .

    Symphogears too maybe (it has a season 1)

  3. My face must have blank look while watching C3.
    My brain screamed “what the hell am I watching”
    These characters can’t be loved and totally forgettable.
    The directing of the battle is shit too.
    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    • But I actually enjoyed looking at the characters even if we are in the beginning and I could even pick one I love the most.

      The battle was okay, it was animated with a bit of precision and that’s saying something.

      • The problem is, the girls were doing it in a fully realization state, that it was just a silly games to spend their free time. I prefer it if the loli take this more seriously just like in GuP. Oh, it’s indeed serious since their school was at stake.

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