Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 11 – Vampire Engagement. Yay!

I’m not going to reference Stephanie Meyer, okay? So let’s get on with this.


I know it sounds kind of trollish to talk about an episode that I didn’t even see because the last episode sucked all my enthusiasm to watch this show any further, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about the thing. In fact, I made a little game out of it where I read the comments and pics regarding the show on various forums and see if I want to pick it back up. The result? Well…

According to what I’ve heard, after that so-called incident in last week’s episode, Haruto suffers from PTSD and runs into the girl he assaulted after nearly falling off the stairs. She apparently doesn’t hold anything against the doofus for what he did and invites him to go to a movie with her (that stars her in it no less). Afterwards, news reaches the students that Shouko’s father has gotten kidnapped (yeah, I forgot he even existed in this thing) and Haruto has to go save him. He accidentally kills the guy, Shouko freaks out upon hearing the death of her dear daddy, and then Haruto proposes to marry Saki for whatever reason. All of this is interspliced with the students and L-Elf doing their own thing.

Did I get anything wrong? Well let’s assume that I didn’t and look at what supposedly transpired to see if it’s worth picking back up. I’d have to say “no, it’s not worth it”, because the writing apparently got even worse since last week (a feat I didn’t even know was possible), the characters have not grown more interesting, and Sunrise is apparently inciting a million more angry comments regarding this episode. And believe me, the reaction to last week’s episode was so bad that despite all the flames and trolling and shit that erupted like mayhem over last week’s ending, it still couldn’t beat Attack on Titan in terms of forum post discussions on MAL. And above all else, I don’t see the point in watching the episode because I’m going to get the same experience I had from reading about the thing if I do, and since I already read what happens, I’d just be wasting twenty minutes of my time. Okay, I’m already wasting enough time by writing about an episode I didn’t even watch, but my point still stands.


Yeah, I’ll admit I’m a little curious to see where the show is going to go from here because everything turned out so fucking dumb. But not enough to waste my life watching this tripe when I could be watching some good British or American shows instead, let alone some of my anime backlog. Now if the show goes all School Days on us, maybe. In fact, I’ll watch that episode if it comes out just for giggles.

13 responses to “Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 11 – Vampire Engagement. Yay!

  1. ah, you gave me hope that you would undrop this. Oh well, seeing as next week will be the last episode this season, it’ll likely throw some awful sequel hook. You should consider writing about next week’s spoilers too.

  2. I haven’t watched it too. But, yeah, who cares about spoiler when it’s just a silly show. Shouko should turn into crazy bitch, grab a chainsaw, and go after Haruto. Yes, that’s the only way to save this show.

  3. Really? You seriously think a million more angry comments will be produced due to an episode you didn’t even watch? That’s delicious.

    Not going to waste time further criticizing and nitpicking your post then.

    • You didn’t have to watch Episode 10 to know that the “ending” to that one would trigger a million nasty forum posts. And according to the sheer number of discussion going on in Animesuki and MAL, I’m being proven right.

  4. I think it’s fairly obvious by now that the plot doesn’t really offer anything out the the standard average mecha show. The only thing that makes it stand out so far is the scene at the end of episode 10. I personally don’t really have anything against the anime for touching on such a sensitive topic but I am disappointed in how the anime turned out because I can see it’s wasted potential. Detractors can say what they want, but I’ve seen enough to say I’ll just watch the anime without taking it seriously. The first season is not completely ruined but is nonetheless a wasted opportunity in delivering a memorable show.

  5. Well, in a way, it’s fascinating how this show can top itself in how tastless and dumb it is…

    This didn’t even made me angry, because this is so stupid. I didn’t think they will treat the subject subtlely, but they reached a new low. Pervert AI was once again in it, this may be important ater, but I couldn’t care less.
    Well, one more episode…