Ranking Anime From White Fox

White Fox is a new studio that have caught the eyes of some people due to their works actually making some sort of impact. As in they adapt stuff that have really cool premises that people will eat up, even if the execution is lacking. A lot of people find them to be one of the best new studios around. I find their stuff more overrated than your standard noitamina anime. And…I really don’t have more to say on them other than that as they don’t really have a unique style I can latch onto (other than the fact that the director of Akane-Iro Somaku Sora is very frequently working for them) and they haven’t been around long enough to detail their history. Let’s just get to the rankings, shall we?


Anime Are Ranked Based on What Order I’d Prefer to Watch:



Hataraku Maou-sama

Tears to Tiara

Super Sonico


Coda: As you can see, not a really impressive resume. A lot of people love all of these shows (minus Tears to Tiara), but I find them to be an utter chore to sit through. Only one that I have any affection for is Steins;Gate, but even that one had pacing issues that bored me quite a few times.

15 responses to “Ranking Anime From White Fox

  1. If you have any interest in buying Steins;Gate I would adjust you do it soon because the price of the part 1 release is already in the 60 dollar range while Deadman Wonderland’s prices is over a 100 dollars on amazon.

      • So you like Steins Gate but not enough to buy it. What’s the point in ranking white fox when you clearly don’t even care that much for their greatest title. It looks like to me you were needing a easy post idea and this one came to mind so you said fuck it and here it is.

      • I gave a Steins Gate an 8 on my MAL, which means I loved it. So obviously, I do care. Just not enough to buy it because I’m not a money-making machine.

  2. What changed about the format from before? I don’t even remember what this page looked like before you did a re-post of this article.

  3. I watched a few episodes of Tears to Tiara on netflix couldn’t get into it. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t really grab the way I was hoping it would.