Ranking Anime From P.A. Works

PA Works isn’t exactly one of the most well-liked studios in the world, and for good reason at that. Their stuff looks nice despite their cheapness, but the quality of their writing is…um…not that great. It hasn’t really helped that they tend to go towards a genre that me and a bunch of other people aren’t a fan of: melodrama. Yeah, I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but there’s one little thing regarding them that is just sad: my favorite anime from them is Angel Beats! I wouldn’t go so far as to say that one wasn’t a whole lot of fun, but goddamn is that sad. And they haven’t released a single thing to surpass that one since then. As such, it’s safe to say I’m going to look at them with disdain until they prove themselves otherwise.


Anime Are Ranked Based on What Order I’d Prefer to Watch:

Angel Beats

Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva

True Tears


Hanasaku Iroha


Eccentric Family

Tari Tari

Red Data Girl

Coda: Yeah, the fact that Angel Beats is my favorite PA Works anime doesn’t say much for these guys does it? Eccentric Family is getting praise across the Internet, but I found it to be a massive cocktease.

18 responses to “Ranking Anime From P.A. Works

  1. Had to correct a few mistakes made on the initial draft once I was informed that PA Works’ animation isn’t exactly top-tier. Shiny backgrounds tend to do that.

  2. Ohana went to Tokyo. Met the boy who once confessed to her, getting a girlfriend. Instead of being shocked, or regret, or happy for him, nothing really happened after that. Calling this anime bland is already overrated.

      • … that scene was really bad. Basically, Ohana went to Tokyo. Saw Girl (forget her name) close to Boy (I forgot his name), drama ensued, nothing happened. It didn’t even get resolved in the end.

  3. Will you re-watch Another when the english dub comes out later this year?
    Thoughts on the Angel Beats dub? Steven Foster was behind the Angel Beats dub and he became one of my favorite ADR directors after watching this series dubbed!

    • Not that interested in seeing Another again. Also, I’m not a Steven Foster fan. I thought the Angel Beats dub was atrocious. Some of the voices were good, but the execution was pretty off.

  4. Will you be buying Haganai, Future Diary and Wolf Children this year when Funimation releases them? Why do hate everything I love Mr finder flaw?

    • Haganai ain’t worth buying. Future Diary and Wolf Children…probably. As for why I hate everything you like…give me some examples and I’ll tell you why.

  5. What was it about Hagani that didn’t jive with you? The musical score and the opening are pretty cool well at least I think so.

    • Animation was shit, comedic timing was off, drama was forced, and the wish-fulfillment nature of it doesn’t jive with me all that well. It’s a miracle I think as highly of it as I do, really.

      • That’s speaking highly of it for you man you’re one tough nut to crack.
        Do you ever try to turn the critic part of your brain off and try to enjoy a show purely on an entertainment level kinda like how when you were a child and before the world took a massive shit on you and rest of mankind?

      • When I was younger, yeah. Now that I’m older, and especially since I’m a critic now, I approach things more harshly. Nevertheless, I always look for entertainment first when I’m watching something. The other stuff comes after.