Ranking Anime From Shaft

One of the most recognizable studios in the anime industry, mostly due to a certain man named Akiyuki Shinbo. Like KyoAni, I loved Shaft back in the day. I liked how they tried to cover up their low budget with stills and camera shifts. It’s like how Hideaki Anno covered up his low budget regarding Kare Kano and Evangelion by utilizing sketches and still frames with a huge amount of atmosphere. Whilst you can definitely see the cheapness, it was much more preferable to talking heads and at least the director is trying, which is something that isn’t as common as you may think. I also like how more studios are being influenced by that style, although I’m not so much of a fan of how they don’t quite “get” it.

Problem? Well first off, I got used to their style and now pay more attention to the actual writing, which quite frankly is terrible for a lot of their stuff. Second, they have a lot of money now from Monogatari and Madoka so now their animation can be really good. But they still won’t grow up in the actual writing, and they still won’t stop doing that style, which has quite frankly gotten annoying to watch. Why are you using it when you have money? Somebody rein Shinbo in and maybe I’ll see why people love them so much.


Anime Are Ranked Based on What Order I’d Prefer to Watch:

Yet The Town Keeps Moving (or Soremachi for all you weeaboos)

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Sayonora Zetsubou Sensei

Dance in the Vampire Bund


Madoka Magica

Katte ni Kaizou

ef-a tale of memories




ef-a tale of melodies

Coda: You know, it’s ironic that after Shinbo finally got enough money to do whatever the hell he wants, my affection for his stuff has decreased a lot. I honestly just don’t really care about Shaft anymore other than the fact that they’re a recognizable anime studio. Well, the Prism Nana thing looks kind of cool, but otherwise I’m not holding my breath.

10 responses to “Ranking Anime From Shaft

  1. Wow, never even heard of Yet the Town Keeps Moving. I will check it out. You should check out Arakawa Under the Bridge, possibly my favourite SHAFT show. Maria Holic is pretty funny and worth checking out too for how it takes the piss out of the yuri genre.

  2. Interesting, since my favourite shaft anime is probably Arakawa, and considering your top choices I can safely assume you haven’t watch it yet.

    Even though I’ve watched most of this shows I would have arranged this list differently, but that’s just a question of taste an bias.

    I’m surprised to see “Yet the towns keeps moving” there, something must’ve done right because I was bored enough to drop it by the second episode.

  3. About SZS :
    It start as a parody of the harem genre and become more a parody of the society later.
    Anyway, it was my first SHAFT Show, and it still stay pretty high for me. Probably my biggest anime shock, as far as comedy i concerned.
    Bsically, it’s Joshiraku, but better.
    It always stay pretty crazy. It even become crazier, and continue to makes fun of absolutely everything, including its viewer and itself.
    I honestly would prefer it to continue over the Monogatari series. I even would have prefer it to continue over Hidamari Sketch, because it would have been truer to their spirit.
    I really missed this show.

  4. The reason I liked Bakemonogatari is because of the Senjougahara too.
    I couldn’t careless about the snail girl and snake girl.
    Moreover the fire sisters.
    Nisemonogatari sucks. And even more shameless than it’s predecessor.
    What’s with the teeth brushing scene and Araragi pushing down his own sister?
    I don’t think I am going to watch another Monogatari series.
    I have lost faith in them.

    ef series was adapted from eroge. How could somebody think of it as shoujo? As a reviewer, that guy didn’t do his homework. Missing such a simple one sentence fact. Also, most of the perspective and inner thoughts are told from the view point of the guys.

  5. Yup, you really need to get to watch Arakawa. Maria Holic is funny (though relatively) too so you need to get to watch that. Also Natsu no Arashi. And Pani Poni Dash. And Negima!?. Yeah, you need to watch more SHAFT.

  6. I love Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two! I teared up at the end of melodies. You need to watch the entire series dubbed! The dub is excellent. I suppose Madoka Magica and Dance in the Vampire Bund would be next. They really need to dub more of Shaft titles into english all these subbed only releases are complete bullshit man!

    • Vampire Bund is on Netflix, so I’ll get to it some time. I already saw Madoka. As for rewatching ef, whilst I’m all for seeing if the dub for memories is good (from what I heard, it was average), I don’t think I’m going to be giving melodies another shot. My problem with the show is too deep for a good dub to save that. It sure couldn’t save Hell Girl.