Jormungand: Episode 24- Well That Crashed

Anyone who pays attention to me knows that I have been hating on Jormungand for a long while. I was liking it in its first half solely for the comedic banter, guns, and Koko, but eventually its flaws caught up to me and I started realizing that the story and characters weren’t interesting in the least. The action scenes had no weight behind them because they’re shot terribly and came off as it was trying too hard to be cool when it didn’t have anything worth saying. I mean I know I was bored to death by the repetitive military lingo the show kept throwing out. All in all, I realized this show was becoming more boring to watch than Robotics;Notes and that’s not a really good place to be.

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So yes, I wasn’t really paying attention anymore until my excitement was peaked up a little with the latest episodes explaining what Koko’s grand plan was. That was kind of cool and had potential to be interesting, with Jonah being against the plan to murder a bunch of innocent people, the namedropping of the title, and so forth. I thought maybe all this boring build-up was leading to something interesting. Too bad that this episode decided to go the route of the third episode of 5 Cm Per Second and end on a big pile of nothing.

The episode started off on a two-year time skip, which pretty much rings cop-out in my ear, so the episode was kind of doomed from the get-go. But then it goes even further when I realized halfway through that the episode was going to be nothing other than talking about plot points we’re never going to see. Wow, this show was cheaper than I thought if it can’t even show stills of what’s happening in the world. Instead, we just get Kasper and Jonah narrating about their lives to bland visuals and I realized that I had forgotten what their deal was. Something about Jonah’s friends? Whatever.

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After all of that, Jonah leaves Kasper without much of a fuss and suddenly we get treated to a five or so minute scene with a cheesy insert song playing whilst the show does its lamest to wrap up everybody’s stories, despite the fact that I didn’t care about any of these plot points and I don’t think many other people cared either. Yeah, never thought I’d see an action anime try to rip off Makoto Shinkai. When that big waste of time was over, Jonah just meets with the team again, they let him back in, and Koko activates the Jormungand plan…I think? Whatever, we never get to see the results of this plan at all.

All of this goes back to one question. What was the point of this series? No really, what was the point? Stuff happens and stuff happens and stuff happens…and that’s it. I mean it’s not that I can’t enjoy an anime where stuff just happens. K mostly had stuff just happening. But that episode ended with a few main characters dead and gave us an interesting setup for another season to expand on. Plus, we actually got to see what was happening. Jormungand doesn’t have that excuse. This is the series finale for god sakes. There isn’t going to be anymore unless the manga has some supplementary material that I’m not even going to bother checking because manga and I haven’t gotten along in a while.

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Did Jonah develop? He got more emotional I guess, but in the end, he’s still the same errand boy loyal to Koko. I’d usually be okay with that, as I think the alternative is kind of stupid, but then the question remains why he left Koko in the first place. What was all that conflict for, especially if you’re going to skip his growth with a two-year time skip? Why did he go back to them? I’m all for a kid just accepting that this is the way the world works, but Jormungand didn’t do that storyline properly. Compare this show to Black Lagoon (yes, I’m going there) where Rock gets hardened to his cruel environment due to living in it for so long and hanging out with natters like Dutch and Revy. His development was naturally told through each arc as more people die in front of him despite his best efforts to the point that it wore him out. Jonah never had that kind of development. Stuff just happened in this series with most of it not even focusing on him and then we’re suddenly told that he’s gotten better. He never really had his own character arc, unlike the other members of the team. Which begs the question, why is he the focus character? I suppose you could say the focus on the other members was meant to flesh him out in return like Tomoya was fleshed out through the girls’ arcs in Clannad, but I’m chalking it up to bad writing.

Plus, regarding the other characters, I don’t think they’ve changed at all either. Most of the focus on them was absolutely useless, because nothing came out of their own arcs. All we got were some interesting tidbits that gave context to who they were, but didn’t make them anymore interesting in the least. After their arc finished, they became more useless than the girls in Little Fucking Busters for crying out loud. I can’t remember Valmet doing a thing in this show aside from some funny scenes in the beginning when she confronted Karen. Wilee didn’t do jack after that one episode focusing on him. R…died, so at least we had a complete character arc for him. The only one who was interesting all the way through was Koko (who is much better with short hair), whose character arc was like Jonah’s in that was supposed to co-exist with everything else in general. But given how everything ended, her character arc ended up being a dud as well. The only reason I’m kind to her is that she’s an enjoyable character on her own. It’s just too bad that she was the lead of a show that didn’t know how to handle her.

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In the end, Jormungand wasn’t a good show. It wasn’t even a tolerable show. It was a big waste of time keeping up with it and I don’t think I’m going to be missing it anytime down the road. Think I’d rather wait for that Black Lagoon OVA to get released here so I can finally watch it in English like it was meant to be.



  • This episode would have gone on my worst moments list if it had been subbed sooner.
  • Okay, I admit that remix of “Her name is Koko” at the end is kind of funny.