Ranking Anime From Silver Link

Silver Link is basically what I’d like to call the Shaft-ripoff studio. They’re an animation studio formed by a bunch of former Shaft employees and they naturally try to use the same animation tricks that Shaft do in order to spice up their works. It’s even mostly headed by one guy: Shin Oonuma. Or as I like to call him, Shinbo without any talent whatsoever.

I’m already on the balls with Shaft right now because of how obnoxious their stuff is, but Silver Link is even worse. They’re too focused on making things look pretty and they don’t give enough time to the basics of a good anime like…oh I don’t know…good writing? If you don’t have some kind of structure to put your animation on, it gets wasted. And the animation isn’t even all that good to begin with. So without awesome animation tricks, good characters, writing, or hooks, what are you left with? Silver Link anime.


Anime Are Ranked Based on What Order I’d Prefer to Watch:


Fate/Prism Illya

Baka to Test

Chitose Get You!

Strike the Blood

Non-non Biyori


Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Kokoro Connect

It Doesn’t Matter if There’s Love as Long as He’s My Brother

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