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If you have a question or comment that’s not related to a specific post I wrote (although if it’s related, that’s fine too), please feel to ask me in the comments section.

After finally joining the aniblogosphere after years of lurking, a lot of good things have happened. I’ve finally been able to keep track of what I like and dislike in anime, I learned of the SCCSAV and joined their group, and I’ve gotten to “maybe know but not really know” a bunch of bloggers and how there tastes are downright wrong compared to mine. Oh yeah, and there’s the fact that I’ve been watching and yelling at more crap in an effort to catch up with everybody who seems to have watched much more anime than I have, as well as to write my own posts.

But who exactly am I? Who is the guy who loves Clannad The Motion Picture, but thinks Rahxephon is a pile of shit? Who’s the guy that usually prefers watching the English dub if it’s available (so long as it actually gets the job done)? Who’s the guy that seems to have this bad habit of watching popular shows he doesn’t like with the sole intention of mocking them? Who’s the guy whose favorite show of all time is Daria and based an anime blog around her? Well, I do have my 50 Questions post, I have other posts that explain my taste somewhere on this blog, and I do make myself clear on various comments sections and Twitter. But if you can’t be bothered to search through all that, then ask me here.

I invite everybody to ask me anything they want on the comments section of this page, whether it be anime-related or something else. You can even post me trollish questions like “Why do I suck?”, although I’ll most likely respond in a harsh, snarky way, because I don’t suck. Serious questions will be answered seriously though, I promise. I can’t guarantee I won’t miss a question, but I’ll try to answer as many as I can.

Note: Please don’t ask a question I already answered on this post. I don’t mind if I answered on another post and you haven’t read it, but missing an answer on this post is pretty dumb. Also, make sure that you actually ask me questions, as I will delete your comment (as much as it pains me to do so) if it’s not a question, unless it’s a response/answer to something I say in this post.

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    • My favorite English dubs would be Baccano, Cowboy Bebop, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Also love how cheesy the Digimon dub is to the point that I don’t care if the Japanese is better. I’m not watching it.

      My favorite male dubbers are Crispin Freeman and Steve Blum. Female-wise would be Brina Palencia and Kari Wahlgren. As for specific dub performances, that scene where Edward Elric broke down in the seventh episode of the original FMA anime after Nina’s death was really haunting.

    • I didn’t like the Clannad series’ dub, although I like the movie’s a good amount. Love Hina’s dub was shit. Ranma’s and Legend of Black Heaven’s was intolerable.

    • Of course they weren’t as bad as Chaos Wars or Garzey’s Wing. Nothing is. I didn’t like the dubs because it felt like Digimon’s without any of the charm.

    • Hey, I like more anime than he does. Just because I don’t like your anime doesn’t mean I’m negative. I will admit though that something I don’t like has more material to write about than something I do like. My obsession with criticizing stuff I don’t like is the reason why I chose my name to be Flawfinder. But hey, no matter what negative thing I say about an anime, very few of the ones I deem as crap can ever match the horrors of any of the NTR stuff I see.

    • Daria is my favorite TV show and practically the basis I used to form my blog. The blog itself is named after the Daria theme song. My favorite anime characters have her personality. While it’s not intentional unless I’m doing the Ani-Elitist stuff, I tend to focus on the negative in an intelligent way just like her. In fact, she’s practically a female version of myself back in high school.

      Most anime bloggers base their blogs on something anime-related. I based it off a Western cartoon.

    • Favorite animation studios would be Studio Rikka, Ghibli, and Madhouse. Least favorite-wise, no animation studio could ever match the awfulness that is Himajin Planning.

  1. I’ve got a couple in lieu of some of your recent post:

    Although this tends to vary wildly for me, do you have any set rhetoric or standards for good presentation? Also, what would you say that your golden standard of presentation is in anime?

    Since you recently published a post on Anime dubs, got any all-time favorite English voice actors in particular? What about your single favorite male and female performances?

    • I answered the last two questions above. All I can add to that is that Brittany Karbowski has recently captured me.

      As for presentation, I’m not a huge fan of those anime that try to be intelligent whilst sticking to the mainstream. I prefer the presentation to go all out with its style. For the gold standard, I’d say California Crisis and Baccano capture it perfectly.

    • Evangelion is practically tied with Bebop for my favorite anime of all time. Its English dub isn’t great, but it’s charming. I prefer hearing Spike Spencer voice Shinji than his Japanese VA.

  2. 1. Why is harem anime with loser male lead so popular? What do you think the reason? I want to know your opinion.
    2. How often you rooting for the villain to win?

    • 1. Before the moe craze, it had to do with the fact that a bunch of people were trying to rip off Ken Akamatsu without realizing why his stuff was good. As for now…the fan base consists of people who will cancel pre-orders if their pure female was defiled by another man. I don’t think I want to know what goes on in their minds.
      2. Depends on the show. The crowning example would be Black Lagoon, where most of the cast is nothing but villains. Silly Japan just can’t match the Russian military.

  3. 1) Do you like Persona Series, including the dualogy, the psone classic, 3fes/psp and 4?
    2) Have you read the higurashi/umineko visual novels? If not you should, but for heaven’s sake, DO NOT watch the umineko adaption. Its understandable that your scarred by visual novels since Type moon… Just like how I was scarred by Guilty crown…
    3) If yes, you want to read them; do you want links to the games, or would you prefer to support the creator by buying the digital download/disks?

    • 1) I love the Persona series. I’m a huge SMT fan.
      2) No, I’ve never read those novels. After Little Busters, I think I’m done with those for a while. And unfortunately for you, I might check out Umineko, since I heard it was a beautiful mess.
      3) Since they’re out legally, I might prefer buying them.

  4. What visual novels have you read? Would you consider reviewing the ones you have? I’d kind of like to see you tear apart a couple of VNs, just for kicks.

  5. Have you seen The Sky Crawlers yet? If not, I would recommend, surprised how much I enjoyed it.

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