Sword Art Online: Episode 5- That’s More Like It

Look who’s back.

This episode left the side-story aspect brought upon by the last two episodes (which wasn’t working for me in any way) to enter arc territory. And thankfully, they bring back the one interesting character and decent foil for the boring main we’ve been following so far, Asuna. And even more thankfully, while I don’t know if she can match Kirito in fighting abilities, she has grown into a leader that commands a large and respectable guild, making her a decent match/complement for the black-coated swordsman. We’ll have to wait until next episode to see if she has the fighting abilities to back up her position, but I finally have something to be invested in with this show and am confident that she’s not all talk.

Unfortunately, Asuna’s return couldn’t make Kirito interesting, which is a shame considering their interactions in Episode 2 were my favorite part of the show. Kirito at this point has degressed to being a typical shonen action lead. He does nothing anyone else in his position couldn’t or wouldn’t do. Come to think of it, that’s another complaint I have with the No-Name McBore/Yuuji Everylead stereotype I despise. You can say it makes them more relatable, but if the character isn’t unique in some way, I’m just going to see them as plot devices more than someone to actually root for. Mind working on that, SAO? Please? I promised to blog each of your episodes. The least you could do is have me care for him.

Aside from that, everything else about this episode played out the same as last week. Today’s plotline revolves around a murder mystery involving someone who can kill in safe zones. Decent, but I’m not very invested in it. Enough happened to the point that I wasn’t bored, but that’s the extent of the praise I’ll give to this episode. Well, that and the fact that I liked it more than today’s episode of Kokoro Connect (seriously, fuck that dialogue). Considering it’s the start of an arc though, I’ll just pray that the arc itself develops into something very interesting. The Hyouka murder mystery movie arc started off “meh” but grew into something really interesting after all. Of course, that arc started with hilariously awful movie making that makes the one in Haruhi look like Oscar material, so I’m not as invested in this arc’s start as I was in that one.



  • I think the animation was better than last week’s too, although I can’t remember for sure.
  • I really like that opening song SAO has.
  • Yeah, I’m aware this episode is called Episode 6 on Anime Nano. Sorry for that.

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