15 Reasons You Should See Ted

Okay, just hear me out.


Yes, I know Ted was directed by Seth McFarlane, the guy who brought us unfunny crap like Family Guy and the works. Yes, I know this isn’t anime-related. Yes, I know I’m jumping the shark too early. But I had to watch porn for my last post, so I deserve compensation. I just got done watching Ted and I really think you guys should too. Why? Here’s why?

1. The Thunder Buddy song

2. Ryan Reynolds plays a gay guy

3. Ted’s boss promotes him for fucking in the back room

4. Joel McHale plays Joel McHale

5. It’s funnier than anything by Adam Sandler

6. Seth’s gags are funnier in live action than in animation

7. Flash Gordon fights a stereotypical Asian guy

8. Ted fights a duck

9. Mark Wahlberg sings better than Katy Perry

10. Shit on the floor. That’s all I’m saying

11. Zach Lautner as a kid is in this movie

12. Patrick Warburton also plays a gay guy

13. Girls’ nipples can be used as Garfield’s eyes

14. Meg is hot and successful while Peter Griffin is a teddy bear.

15. It’s better than sitting through Tyler Fucking Perry, who wouldn’t even let critics pre-screen his movie.



  • I’ll get the Team Archer analysis up soon.
  • Honestly, the movie had a few funny jokes, but it wasn’t very good overall.

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