Top Ten Guilty Crown Characters I Hate

Now, which character do I hate the least in this piece of crap?

I haven’t exactly kept it a secret that I hate Guilty Crown with a passion. Not only was it a huge disappointment compared to all the hype surrounding it, it didn’t even stand on its own as a good anime. The writing was extremely bad, the music wasn’t all that memorable, the animation (whilst great) wasn’t used for anything spectacular, and the characters…good god, do I hate them. I hated them so much that I posted a Youtube video of myself listing which ones I hated the most, but I took it down for personal reasons. Instead, they’re going to be listed here, so have a fun time reading them. Now keep in mind, I’m only listing the characters that are actually worth acknowledging. For example, that guy that Arisa slept with and his cronies don’t make it on the list because as much as I hate them, they’re not worth acknowledging since they’re only in the anime for one small arc. Kenji also doesn’t make it because he barely appears in the series.

So let’s look at who I hate.

10. Ayase

I know a lot of people like this character, even amongst the haters. I don’t. Although I like the idea of a handicapped person who wants to stand her own, this show mishandled her really badly to the point that she ended up dull. And when she isn’t dull, she’s just mean-spirited and annoying…whilst still being dull somehow. I really hated how the show tried to make us sympathize with the fact that she wants to do things on her own, despite her handicapped state, when it didn’t feel like I had a reason to care. Maybe if she was the main protagonist, I would have sympathized with her more; but in this show, she is simply just not fun. I prefer Fleur from the Eureka Seven sequel compared to her.

9. Haruka

When she was first introduced to me, she was basically an unfunny female version of Shingen Kishitani. As the show progressed, she became a mother so terrible that she made Jessica Alba in Spy Kids 4-D look like “Mother of the Year”. I don’t care if you’re the stepmother, the mistress, or some random slut living with the kid. You made Jessica Alba look good. Do I need to say anything more about this woman than that?

8. Hare

For some reason, a lot of people like her. Admittedly, the above scene pictured above was decently effective, although I didn’t care one bit about this shallow, stock, love interest. All I could think about whenever she appeared on screen is why she is in love with Shu. The show tried to answer it, but I know the real answer. It’s because it’s popular with the anime fans now to give the main character multiple love interests. I show nothing but disdain for characters like that, so that’s why she’s on the list.

7. Souta

This guy is such a waste of animation that he is practically non-existent to me. He looks generic, acts generic, and contributes fuck all to the plot. And surprisingly, his nonexistence became annoying in of itself. Of course, the few times he does become existent, his annoyance gets cranked up to the max. A lot of people hated him for getting Hare killed in Episode 14, but I hated him when he started to become important to the plot in Episode 8. However, his non-existence is nothing compared to…

6. ??????

I don’t remember this guy’s name and I don’t care enough to look it up. He is one the most boring villains I have ever seen in my entire life. Even the worst Disney villains have something memorable about them. The villain in the Yellow Scarves arc of Durarara was more memorable, if only because he got treated like Wile E. Coyote all the time. If anybody knows this guy’s name, don’t tell me. I don’t care. Fuck you “guy who wants to destroy the world for reasons I don’t care for and killed Shu’s dad for a reason I could have written better”. You suck.

5. Arisa

Technically, it was fun to see this character change due to the poor quality of the writing, and I loved the comments that occurred when Episode 17 occurred. But my god, did this show fuck her up. I was sort of interested in her at first when I saw her, but her crush on Gai blew that chance. And then Episode 17. Episode Fucking 17. Yurika from Kids on the Slope had a more believable change than you, and that show has the pacing of a cheetah. It was like someone else took over writing her character. Somebody try to defend how she changed from honorable into what she is in the above picture. I dare you!

4. Shu

Okay, I know a lot of people want to see this idiot as number one, but honestly, I liked the concept of his character. I don’t dislike spineless tools like other people do, as my like for Yukiteru Amano, Keitaro Urashima, Shinji Ikari, and even Renton (as undeserving as he got at times) has shown. In fact, my opinions of them are the same as Scamp’s. And it’s not just anime. There are easily manipulated characters in great literature that I find fascinating, like the main character in Invisible Man or the characters in Animal Farm. The Social Network has a cast of nothing but unlikeable tools, but they’re still fascinating in their own right. No, my problem with him comes down to two facts. One, the show tried to force us to sympathize with him (and no, I don’t buy for a second that we were supposed to sympathize with Yuki and Shinji in their anime), rather than just show the character and let you judge for yourself. Two, the writers couldn’t decide what personality to give him. He literally goes from wanting more, to wanting to stay away, to accepting his fate, to fighting it, to moaning about it all within the span of the first episodes. Even the punishment he receives for being an idiot isn’t enjoyable. He feels so fake, and that’s why I despise him.

3. Daryl 

If you thought Shu was bad, well…he probably is worse than Daryl, because at least Daryl has a more consistent personality. But that doesn’t mean Daryl’s personality is consistent in any way. I hate him more than Shu because at least Shu’s concept was salvageable. There is nothing to salvage with Daryl’s concept, as he threw that away when he outright murdered a woman for “touching” him. You’ll have better luck trying to get me to like Joffrey from Game of Thrones than you will this guy. In fact, that’s who he is. A less likable, less entertaining, and more badly written Joffrey. All he needs is blue eyes and we’ve got another Nazi poster boy on our hands. You really expect me to believe that this guy is sympathetic? Well fuck that, I’m having a drink with Joffrey.

2. Gai

I have an overpowering hatred for badass characters with no depth, personality, charisma, or comedy to them, and Gai was definitely lacking in all of these. Every single good thing he accomplished rang as false, because the show simply failed to convince me that this guy was the genuine article (and the fact that he’s supposed to be 17 was just laughable). Besides, actions are one thing. Personality is another. Anyways, the one time I started to care for him was in Episode 12 when we saw his past and he died, but then he got resurrected and did the stupidest shit imaginable (tacked on with a lame excuse, no less) that I couldn’t believe what was happening? Why? Why? Why?! Screw you Gai! You suck!

And the number one character is…you probably know by now…

1. Inori

I despise this character with every fiber of my being. I have never seen a main female character in anime as bad as her. Inori is simply a character that has no reason to exist in this show. She does nothing. She has no personality. She has no chemistry with Shu, or any other character. She barely interacts with anyone. She doesn’t even have all that much screen time. Why does she exist? The most I’ve ever seen her do is provide Shu with a giant sword and treat him when he had his arm cut off. But not only could that have been done by anyone else, her personality (even with the show’s justification) is just so empty that those actions don’t mean jack. She’s the definition of plot device. The plot holes regarding her are ones that I just can’t ignore, and considering the plot holes that I’ve reluctantly put up with when I watched this show, that’s saying a lot. I don’t put her as the worst female anime main character because she’s a terrible human being with a terrible personality, or because her concept is terrible. I consider her the worst because she doesn’t even qualify as a character.



  • Honestly, I don’t really hate Ayase and there are worse characters (like Tsugumi and Daryl), but she was the only one that was interesting to write about concerning my disappointment with her.
  • I think my favorite useless character has to be Fuu from Samurai Champloo. Yeah, she’s a little braver than most examples, but she still hardly contributes much besides some heartfelt speeches.

10 responses to “Top Ten Guilty Crown Characters I Hate

  1. Ayase and Tsugumi are the only character that I like. Inori, Inori, ah… Inori. usually I like stoic and calm girl, but Inori just like doll. Her job is just stand and look pretty.

  2. OMG! I actually thought I was the only one who hated Hare with a passion! This girl, MY GOD each time she appeared in the screen (with her her freakin boobs moving all around…. I hate that..) I just wanted to kill her on the spot! She was completly useless apart from being another love interest for that asshole Shu (yeah I hated that indecisive cry baby as well) when I searched the web and found out she dies in episode 15 or whatever I almost jumped on my bed! Could somebidy tell me what was so “nice” about her? She has a bif chest (cool for those who enjoy that) and she practically shoved them in Shu’s face everytime she could (that’s such a disgrace for the female gender in my opinion, we are not all sluts and when we see a guy we like we don’t always use our boobs to attract him fo fuck sake!!), and she was completly useless to the plot and the character development except that Shu became a so called evil dictator (and even more paranoïd) after her death. The anime was already lame, but after I saw her, I decided that it really was the worst I have seen apart from Aria.

  3. As for Inori, well I didn’t hate her per say…I just think she was indeed not very useful to the plot, and that she supported Shu’s decision far too much, in short yeah she was a mindless doll but at least, she had a powerful weapon in her, and she didn’t annoy me as much as Hare.

  4. But why didn’t you put Mana, Shu’s psychotic sister who thought that sleeping with her own BROTHER was ok after freakin deciding that he was her “Adam” before he was veen BORN, in your list? Because she was one hell of a thorn in Shu’s side as well….And she disgusted me to the point I had shiver running down my spine each time I saw her, which is a first. And her giggles and fake gentleness, and her smile which was so hypocritical.. UGH just thinking about her gives me the creeps! And something I never understood in this anime was how Gai fell in love with that monster, when he freakin KNEW that she was a fake all along??? Gai my friend, seems like you’ve got some problem too….

  5. Thank god I wasn’t the only one that hates Inori. I’ve only watched two episodes, and I hated her since the beginning. I mean, I get the whole quiet and distant character, but her’s is just down-right useless. She only seems useful for providing fanservice and singing.

    • Well Inori is the only character worth liking in this piece of shit …I despised every fucking character in this anime especially Hare I fucking hated her.

  6. I hate an anime if I don’t like the main character, and I hate both idiot Shu and useless doll Inori, especially the twisted guy Gai and disgusting whore Mana.

  7. I hate Inori. People claim they like her, sometimes for good reason, but that’s only because she was a Mary-Sue. Everyone likes Mary-Sues: the perfect, emotionless, flawless, usually pale, godly powered girl…… Sound familiar? Inori. Yup. A Mary-Sue.


    • Actually, I’ve come around to the fact that Inori is supposed to be an offensive parody of a Mary Sue since writing this. She embodies all those flaws on purpose in order to get people mad. Which I think is pretty funny.